Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fab Food Find

A few weeks ago I was at a Publix in Longwood and came across these gorgeous little gems:

They're called Honey Gold Potatoes. They're very small (1 inch maximum) with a pale yellow delicate skin and a fluffy buttery interior. We were so taken with these little guys, not just with their flavor and texture but also with their quick cooking time, that I saved the bag and showed it to the produce guy at my own local Publix.

To my delight I was told that they are a new product being carried by all the Publix stores in the area. Yippee! Now I buy a bag every time I go grocery shopping since they are so convenient: Just rinse and cook, no slicing or dicing required. They're lovely steamed or boiled until soft when pierced with a fork Toss them with a bit of butter (not much since they're moist enough on their own) and chopped chives before serving. They roast up beautifully with just a tad of olive oil, salt, pepper and a crumble of dried rosemary or thyme.

Stay tuned because next I'm going to try them rubbed with olive oil, cumin and cracked coriander and then skewered and popped onto the barbie!

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