Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roget's Wine Tasting November 12-13

As promised, I'm updating you on the wines to be tasted this weekend at Roget's in Oviedo (Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 1-5pm). Get your taste buds ready for FIVE wines from Castle Rock Winery (see bottom of this post for details). The tasting is completely free but beware: When I stopped in at Roget's last week I walked out having spent around $50. My husband asked, "Oooo...which wines did you get?" My answer, "Wines? Oh no sweetie, I didn't spend it on wine. I bought jewelery!"

That's right, while you wander the shop, glass of wine in hand of course, there are all kinds unique items to consider for yourself, or maybe even (I hate that I'm actually saying this so soon!) for Christmas gifts.

I was delighted with my own purchases (all of which I am greedily keeping for myself): Two bracelets of handcrafted clay beads from Viva Beads (pictures on left) and a watch with interchangeable bands made by Savannah from Beads Galore (picture below).

Actually, Savannah herself was in the shop that day stringing beads onto bands for excited customers. Of particular interest were surprisingly pretty beaded watch bands in team colors (who knew that sportswear could double as evening wear?). Unsurprisingly, the favorite was UCF's black and gold.

I'm thinking of having Savannah come to my house soon to do a party where my infamously creative friends can use their skills to choose their beads, their desired watch face and then have Savannah make up their piece. While my guests are waiting for their watch to be completed I would serve up some cheese, crackers, wine and fun conversation. Ooooo and then for dessert we could have Florida Orange Affogato or maybe even a....
Sadly, the party day-dreaming must come to an end as we get back to the main point: Here’s what Roget’s has to say about the featured winery and wines for this week’s tasting:

The Castle Rock Winery: Since its inception in 1994, Castle Rock Winery has built an enviable reputation for producing high quality wines at affordable prices for discerning wine lovers. This winning formula is highly successful, as proven by an increasing number of customers and members of the wine press, who have given the wines glowing reviews. Castle Rock's wines are carefully made from grapes grown in the most prestigious areas of the West Coast states - California (Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Monterey County, Alexander Valley), Oregon (Willamette Valley), and Washington (Columbia Valley). The company has always focused on making wines with specific appellations in order to allow the local qualities of the wine to be appreciated by connoisseurs.

Castle Rock Pinot Gris Willamette Valley, Oregon Crisp and light with good texture and acidity, offering subtle floral aromas and delicate flavors of pear, peach, and apple. This versatile wine can be paired with many foods, but makes an especially fine accompaniment to fish, soups, vegetarian dishes and salads.

Castle Rock Chardonnay Central Coast California, This elegant Chardonnay offers a rich, ripe and fruity character with a delicious blending of vanilla, pear, citrus and melon flavors, subtle oak undertones and a long, balanced finish. In any season this Castle Rock Chardonnay will complement most cuisines and is an especially pleasing accompaniment to fish, poultry and lightly sauced entrees.

Castle Rock Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, Oregon This elegant medium bodied wine offers aromas of cherry and spice. On the palate the wine give flavors of berries, cinnamon, black cherry, sweet vanilla oak, and floral notes, with a long velvety finish. This versatile wine pairs well with lamb, chicken, veal, salmon and light pasta dishes.

Castle Rock Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, Washington This full-bodied wine offers layers of concentrated flavors of cassis, blackberry, black cherry, and ripe plum, with a hint of light oak. All these flavors unite to form a long, smooth, and harmonious finish.

Castle Rock Petite Sirah, Russian River Valley, California This Petite Sirah is a dark and full-bodied, deeply concentrated wine, yielding aromas of ripe berry, coffee, grain and spice. On the palate it carries layers of ripe cherry, blackberry and plum. Its finish is long-lasting and harmonious with well-integrated tannins. It makes an excellent accompaniment to beef, game, spicy grilled food or charbroiled meats.”

The five wines that Roget’s is featuring are all priced at $11.99 a bottle.

Savor it Seminole!

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