Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wine Tasting and Chinese Food in Oviedo

Wine tasting followed by Chinese food may sound like an odd way to spend a Friday evening but it makes perfect sense if you find yourself in Oviedo!

Head to Roget's Fine Wine and Beer between 5-8pm for their free weekly wine tasting (they also do tastings on Saturdays from 1-5pm). Decide which of the samples is your favorite and buy a bottle to take a few doors down for dinner at Dragon City. These two businesses have a sweet deal for customers: If you buy the bottle at Roget's, Dragon City will serve it up without charging a corkage fee. If you choose a room temp white from off the shelf, the owners and staff of Dragon City are so kind that they'll even chill it quickly in their freezer.

While the above deal is nice, it's not why we so enjoy this Friday outing. It's because Roger, Stephanie and Tish offer great wines in a relaxed (not-snooty-at-all!) atmosphere alongside fun welcoming conversation AND because the food at Dragon City is pretty darned good. In particular, try these Chef Specialties: Dragon Fire Chicken ($10.95), Five Spice Chicken ($10.95), Basil Seaside Shrimp ($11.95) and Beijing Crispy Beef ($11.95). Until recently these items were not on the menu and you had to be in-the-know to get your hands on them. Now they're on offer for all of Seminole County (and beyond) to enjoy.

Dragon City is not a place that serves gourmet or authentic Chinese food. Instead, it's your typical American-style fare. However, the dishes are made to order, they're presented cheerfully with either the bright colors of sliced oranges or lightly steamed broccoli and the seasonings are zingy. I particularly enjoy the freshly fried wonton strips served with dips brought while you peruse the menu. The Bo Bo Platter ($8.95) is a must-have with its dazzling fiery presentation, but do be warned: The menu says that it serves 2 as an appetizer, however, with its 2 beef skewers, 4 chicken wings, 2 ribs, 2 large battered shrimp and 2 egg rolls (these are the best part, homemade and filled with fresh crisp cabbage) it is easily an appy for 4 and is large enough to be a meal for 2, with perhaps some Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry ($6.95) or Moo Shu Vegetables ($7.50) on the side.

Still not convinced that wine tasting and Chinese food could combine into the perfect casual Friday evening? Have a listen to Edwin Soon being interviewed on The Splendid Table here or have a look at his book Pairing Wine with Asian Food . He'll soon have you thinking about the scrumptious possibilities that await.

Savor it Seminole!

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