About Me and This Blog

I'm a food addict from Canada living in Seminole County, Florida. When I'm not cooking or eating, I'm probably drinking. My bevvies of choice are wine and coffee. (Note that I do not mean to imply that cooking/eating and drinking are mutually exclusive activities. Chances are, if I'm cooking or eating, I've also got some kind of yummy drink in hand).

When I first arrived in Seminole County (January 2009), I was dismayed by the apparent lack of independent restaurants. Everywhere I looked there were chains and fast food joints. But after a bit of time I have come to discover that there is amazing food to be found here, if you look for it. I have also found, much to my surprise, that some chains aren't all that bad and some are pretty darned good, although I am still partial to stand-alone businesses. This is probably because I grew up the daughter of two fantastic restauranteurs who have since passed their business onto my brother and his wife. The notion of a charming family restaurant is not just a quaint bit of fiction to me but is what I actually experienced growing up. When I find a small independent restaurant serving up good eats, I am filled with nostalgia and a happy sense of belonging.

The other thought I have when I encounter a great independent restaurant is, "Gosh! I hope they manage to stay open!" With the current economy (or in any economy, really) it's hard to keep a small restaurant afloat and I am always so sad when a local restaurant closes. Thus, the main purpose of this blog is a pretty selfish one: I want to tell you about the great restaurants in Seminole County in hopes that you will go to these places, which will help them stay open so that I can keep eating there.

Beyond restaurants, there are other amazing food and drink experiences to be had in Seminole Country. There are many places offering wine tastings and beer tastings and there are even some unique and fun classes. I will keep you up to date on these events as well. If you know about a food or drink event or class in the county, please let me know.

As noted, I not only like to eat but I also like to cook. I'll be posting my creations and recipes on this blog. Try them and let me know what you think!

Some non-food-related stuff about me: I love to knit (I'm MovingToFl on Ravelry). The Seminole County yarn shop that I frequent is Knit! in Longwood. I have a toddler and spend a great deal of time playing with him, reading to him and trying to get him to eat! I adore listening to podcasts. My favourites are: Food-related: The Splendid Table and The Sporkful; Knitting-related: Cast On and Never Not Knitting; Miscellaneous: WTF with Marc Maron and This American Life.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please post any comments or questions that you have.